If you are a hair care enthusiast, you may already know the importance of using a hair serum every day, if not, you have landed in the right place. Your hair is the last to receive the nutrients from the food you eat and needs special care and pampering. While women are more careful about using the right hair care products and indulging in herbal hair pampering regimes, men are often negligent about investing much time into it.

But, little do they know that their hair is more susceptible to damage as they are always on the run and spend more time outdoors every day. Thus, we have decided to go a whole nine yards to bring you an exceptional piece of information recounting why men should incorporate a good-quality hair serum into their beauty regime every day. Scroll on!

Best 7 Benefits Of Using A Hair Serum

1. Adds Shine

If you regularly apply conditioner to your hair after a shower and get a soft and smooth hair texture, you might be skeptical about the use of hair serum. Well, good-quality shampoos and conditioners definitely cleanse and nourish your crowning glory.

However, they might not restore the shine you want on your hair. Here, biotin boost hair serums may add an exceptional shine to your hair. Most hair serums available today contain an appreciable amounts of silicon which is known for increasing brightness and reducing hair loss(1).

Moisturizing hair serums quickly penetrate the hair shaft repair damage and seal the cuticle, thus transforming your dull and lifeless hair to appear silky, shiny, and smooth.  Also, active compounds in herbal hair serums may stimulate hair growth and help you reach your dream hair.

2. Tames Frizz

If you have been dealing with frizz for years, you are not alone. Curly hair is more likely to become dehydrated, unmanageable, and frizzy. If you’re suffering frizzy and unruly hair despite following a customized hair care regime such as oiling, shampooing, and conditioning, chances are there that you are skipping on applying a leave-in conditioner or a hair serum. Some men’s hair products to control frizz also come enriched with hydrolysed keratin proteins which are known to benefit your hair by-

1. Improving your hair’s ability to retain moisture
2. Preventing strands from splitting
3. Repairing damaged hair
4. Neutralizing the negative static charge produced by combing
5. Reducing friction between the strands

For best results, do some research on picking the best serums for men’s curly hair and incorporate one of the most positively reviewed hair serums available in the market today. Hair Growth Serum by Matural is one of the best men’s hair serums and has been reviewed by thousands of users for its exceptional results. 

best hair serum for men

Matural Hair Serum For Men

3. Reducing Knots and Tangles

Knots and tangles are inevitable properties of curly hair and if you are blessed with naturally curly hair, you already know the pain of untangling the knots while brushing your hair. Knots often occur as a result of friction between the hair strands and due to negative static charge.

Here, hair serum forms a protective coating around the strands which reduces friction between the hair strands and reduces the impact of negative static charge on the hair strands. Also, hair serums contain a slippery consistency which helps the brush or comb to glide through the lengths of your hair smoothly and untangling the knots easily.

4. Restores Hair’s Natural Texture

Who doesn’t love to regain the soft and smooth texture of their hair? At Matural, we often strive to help you restore the natural texture of your hair and therefore advocate for using hair serums regularly. No matter you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, Matural hair serum works wonder to revive your hair’s natural texture and health. How? It’s simple! Our hair serum comes packed with biotin that diligently work to repair the damages in the hair strand and improve their texture by sealing the cuticle. After even application of the hair serum, your hair looks sleek, smooth, and shiny.

Also, most hair serums are formulated with a consistency that is suitable for all hair types. If you have straight hair, applying a little amount of hair serum may make it fall smooth and more straight. For curly hairs, high-quality hair serums redefine your curls into perfect spirals to instantly make your hair look more defined and pleasant.

5. Protects Against Damage

A serums protective coating not only restores the natural texture of the hair but adds a layer of protection from heat damage during hair styling. Also, the active compounds such as solicons, keratin, and biotin in high-grade hair serums adds a layer of protection to your hair from dust, enviormnental pollution, and photodamage. Using a good quality hair serum everyday may protect your hair from-

1. Heat styling using hair dryers, hair straighteners or heating brush.
2. Chemical processing due to use of hair color, bleach, and dyes.
3. Environmental pollution and harsh UV rays coming from the sun.
4. Mechanical damage that occurs due to repeated use of heat and chemical treatments on your hair.

The bioactive compounds in natural hair serums for men help protect, improve, and maintain the hair’s natural strength, smoothness, and shine.

6. Minimises The Hair’s Visible Damage

Though the primary use of men’s hair serum is to protect and improve hair’s natural texture and shine, it comes with some added benefits. One of the most impressive benefit associated with hair serum is that they reduce the visibility of damage that’s been already done to your hair.

For instance, if your hair is too frizzy and contain split ends, applying a generous amount of hair biotin thickening hair serum may impart a gloss and smoothness to your hair, thus minimising the appearnace of frizz and split ends. Similarly, if you have thinning hair, applying a volumising hair serum may bring a noticeable bounce in your flat hair, thus making your mane look voluminous and thick.

7. Acts As A Conditioning Booster

Even if you are a pro at hair care or you weekly indulge in hot champi sessions, use shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type, you still need a hydrating hair serum. Reputed hair serums not only adds an extra layer of protection to your hair but influses a booster of vitamins and minerals present in the natural ingredients in their formulas. Therefore, you must prioritize picking a hair serum that comes enriched with natural ingredients such as biotin, avocado or argan oil for best hair care benefits.

How To Use A Hair Serum?

Choose the right serum for your hair type.

Read the instructions on the bottle before applying the serum. Always use hair serum after shampooing for frizz-free, shiny hair.

Avoid using hair serum with other hair styling products like gels or waxes to prevent weighing down the hair. Start with a small amount; you can add more if necessary. Overusing can weigh down hair or make it look greasy.

Pro Tips On Using A Hair Serum: Dos and Dont’s 


1. Wash Hair Before Application- Hair serums are leave-in product, so you must ensure to shampoo your hair thoroughly before applying a hair serum. If you don’t prefer to wash your hair everyday, shampoo them at least twice a week to reap the best hair care results.

2. Warm It Up Before Applying- Hair serums have a thick consistency and slightly heating up the makes it more easy to use and effective. For best results, ake a small amount of product on your palm and rub both hands together to slightly warm the serum before applying it to your hair.


1. Apply On Roots- Hair serums are formulated to be applied only on your hair. You must avoid applying hair serum on the hair root as it may weigh down the hair follicles and weaken the hair roots. Also, a product build-up on the scalp may cause allergies and infections.

2. Rinse Off After Application- Hair Serums are the leave-in product and are designed to nourish, protect, moisturise, smoothen, and strengthen the hair. Rinsing off the product after application can remove a coating of the product across your hair, thus reducing its effects.

The Bottom line

Incorporating a hair serum into your haircare routine can bring a plethora of benefits right from adding protection to sealing in moisture, preventing split ends, reducing visibility of hair damage, promoting ease in combing, and reviving your hairs natural texture. For optimal benefits, men should look out for hair serums that come enriched with natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.

Also, its important to pick a hair serum suitable for your hair type and beauty goals. Proper use and application plays a vital role in defining the success of a hair serum. Most hair serums deliver the best hair care results when applied to clean and damp hair. 


Q1: Can I Apply Serum On Oiled Hair?

Yes. You can apply serum on oiled hair. Hair serums work best on clean hair. By applying it on unwashed hair you may not get the desired hair care benefits.

Q2: Are Hair Serum Safe For Chemically Treated Or Colored Hair?

Yes, Hair Serums can be applied on colored or chemically treated hair for added hydration and nourishment. Most hair serums come with hydrating and nourishing properties, which make them one of the best hair care products for chemically treated or colored hair.

Q3: How Long Does The Effect Of Hair Serum Lasts?

The effect of hair serum should last until your next hair wash. Hair serums are leave-in product that should be applied after every hair wash and should not be rinsed off. 

Q4: Can I Use Hair Serum Daily?

Yes, you can use hair serum daily, but use it in moderation to avoid making your hair greasy or weighed down.

Q5: How Much Serum To Use On Hair?

Use 1-2 drops for short to medium-length hair. Use 2-3 drops for longer hair or thicker textures to ensure even coverage. Adjust the quantity based on your hair's specific needs.

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