Who doesn’t wish to wear a head full of silky, smooth, and shiny hair? Reaching your dream hair needs a nutritious diet, determination, discipline, and a regular haircare regime. While many men put strenuous efforts into pampering their locks, they don’t get the expected results. It may be because of their unhealthy lifestyle practices and some haircare mistakes they may be making while following haircare remedies. Also, hair breakage may occur as a result of certain medical conditions and the use of medications. Here, we recount common mistakes men make that can cause hair damage and a few best practices to overcome such issues. Let’s start!

Common Mistakes That May Cause Hair Damage

1. OverCombing: In a zest to stay well-groomed, many men comb their hair frequently to keep their hair in place and to make it shiny. Brushing your hair may help spread the natural oils evenly but going overboard with it may lead to damaged hair follicles and may cause hair breakage. Around 8 or 9 strokes of the brush in a session is enough to secure your hair in place and spread the natural oil.

Pro Tip - Limiting to 1-2 combing sessions with 6-7 strokes daily may help prevent hair breakage. Besides, it lowers your risk of suffering tractional alopecia (a type of hair loss that occurs due to excessive pulling and tugging of hair).

2. Using Plastic or Metal Comb: Most men use combs and hair brushes made up of plastic or metal. Though these combs are easily available in local shops and are highly durable, using them for long may lead to unpleasant results. Plastic and metal combs when run through the hair produce static charge, which may lead to hair dryness, split ends, and hair breakage. This may lead to excessive hair fall, rashes on the scalp, and dandruff. 

Pro Tip - Choosing a wide-toothed comb with anti-static properties may help protect from hair damage, split ends, and breakage. Combs made up of wood are best known for their anti-static properties. Nowadays, many haircare brands are coming up with wooden combs and brushes to eliminate the risk of hair breakage due to your plastic comb’s static properties. Check out Matural Comb here for the best hair care results. This no-static comb is made up of raw neem wood and helps prevent microbial infections on the scalp and hair breakage and promotes a damage-free hair combing experience for men. 

3. Skip Oiling: Oiling, Shampooing, and conditioning are the three important requisites of a complete hair care regimen. While each of these steps is crucial, most men often skip oiling their hair before washing it. Regular hair oiling is indeed an antidote to most of your hair problems including hair breakage, dry & frizzy hair, premature greying, receding hairline, scalp infections, and whatnot (1).

Pro Tip - Dunking your hair in organic oils before washing may stop hair loss in men. Oiling your hair before shampooing forms a protective layer across the hair strands, which prevents the loss of natural oils from the hair strands, thus lowering your risk of hair loss, split ends, dandruff, and other hair problems. Coconut oil and olive oil are also known to protect your hair’s protein stores from the harmful actions of shampoos and keep them strong and healthy. However, you must not keep your hair oiled for more than 24 hours. If you are always on the go and find stocking up original coconut or olive oil in your grooming stash, Matural natural hair regrowth oil may come to your rescue. You can reap the best hair care benefits by including this organic concoction in your everyday haircare game.

4. Washing Hair With Hot Water: Yet another common but severe mistake men make. Taking hot water showers can damage your hair and may cause hair fall. Rinsing your hair with hot water may strip off the natural oils from hair and scalp, thus leading to split ends, hair breakage, hair fall, dandruff, and injuries to the scalp.

Pro Tip- During the colder months, wash your hair with lukewarm water instead of rinsing it with hot water. Lukewarm water opens up the clogged pores and cleanses the scalp diligently, thus removing dirt and grime without ripping off essential oils from the hair and scalp. Besides, water at a lower temperature helps seal the moisture and hydrate the scalp, thus lowering the risk of hair breakage and split ends.

5. Not Shampooing Regularly: Men are always on the hustle and often spend long hours outdoors. Thus, their hair is more likely to trap dirt and debris. Also, during hot humid weather, excessive sweat may lead to grime accumulation on the scalp which can clog the pores on the scalp. The result is increased hair fall, hair breakage, and frizz.

Pro Tip- The basic concept of shampooing your hair regularly is to clean the scalp off dirt, pollution, and grime build-up. Thus, you must ensure to shampoo your hair at least twice a week to cleanse your scalp. However, using shampoo that is not suited for your hair type may lead to several hair problems including hair fall, split ends, dandruff, and many others. Here, choosing shampoos enriched with natural oils such as Matural Hair Fall Control Shampoo can help you cleanse your scalp without ripping off the natural oils from your hair and scalp, thus providing you with shiny, soft, and smooth hair.

6. Not Using Conditioner: Men are more likely to be negligent about following elaborate hair care routines and are adamant about making the entire process cut short. For such reasons, they often skip applying conditioner after shampooing- another common yet serious mistake. Certain chemicals in your shampoo such as sulfates, formaldehyde, and parabens may rip off essential oils from the hair strands, leaving them more susceptible to prone breakage, split, and frizz (2).

Pro Tip- For best results, you must apply conditioner after every wash. Conditioners are products that are formulated to seal the cuticle and lock in the moisture in the hair strands. Also, high-quality conditioners such as Matural hair fall control conditioner come fortified with active ingredients that are known to provide much-needed nutrition to your dull and lifeless tresses. Also, volumizing conditioners may add a bounce to thinning hair. Thus, you must remember to include a gentle yet moisturizing conditioner in your hair treatment routine.

8. Tusseling Wet Hair For Drying: Most men scrub and tussle wet hair with a towel for drying hair after washing. Also, they sometimes use heat using a blow dryer for faster drying of hair and styling. Making fast back-and-forth strokes using a rough towel may lead to brittle hair and cuticle damage. Also, excessive use of heat on your hair may dry the layer of skin on your scalp and leave your hair dry and prone to breakage.

Pro Tip - Avoid making fast back-and-forth towel scrubbing to remove water from your hair. Instead, you must blot it from root to tip to drain excess water. While using heat to quickly dry your hair occasionally is completely fine, going overboard with it can cause great damage to your hair.

9. Excessive Use Of Styling Products: Styling gels and mousse are common men’s grooming products that hold a special place in a man’s stash. The synthetic styling gels and mousse available in the market today contain harmful substances that are common causes of brittle hair. Also, if you already experiencing hair loss due to hormonal imbalances, applying too much of styling products may further worsen the condition.

Pro Tip - If you are looking for ways on how to reduce split ends without cutting, limiting the use of styling products makes the best bet for you. Also. people with sensitive scalp must do a patch test before using any hair styling product to rule out the probability of suffering scalp infections and to prevent hair breakage on top of the head. If keeping your hair well styled is something you can’t live without, switching to natural hair care products such as Matural serum for hair and hair growth kits may help you pamper your locks with deep conditioning ingredients.


You don’t need to dig deep into encyclopedias for tips to prevent male hair loss. Simply making small modifications to your hair care regimen can help. Avoiding common mistakes such as skipping conditioner after shampooing, scrubbing towels on wet hair, over-styling, using plastic combs, and not shampooing your hair regularly can prevent hair breakage and male hair loss. Also, switching to natural hair care products over synthetic products available over the counter makes an appreciable way to provide much-needed care and nourishment to your hair. You can also check Matural Hair Growth Kit for the best hair regrowth results.


Q1: Can Lost Hair Grow Back?

Hair loss due to damaged hair follicles is irreversible and the hair would not grow back. However, if the hair fall is cyclic, you may see new hair growth on your scalp soon.

Q2: Is It Normal To Lose Hair Every Day?

Normally, a person loses around 50-100 hair strands every day as a part of the natural hair growth cycle. If you are losing hair more than that, you must seek a piece of expert advice.

Q3: Do Normal Hair Fall Grow Back?

It’s normal for you to lose a few strands every day as a part of the natural hair growth cycle. You will see new hair growth in a few days. If you are suffering hair fall due to damaged hair follicles or as a result of medications/ hormonal imbalance, new regrowth may be absent.

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