Comb is an indispensable commodity in a men’s vanity. While many men are blessed with silky soft hair naturally that doesn’t need much combing, others with frizzy and wavy hair require combing their hair frequently. Here, most men on the go often grab a plastic or metal comb to quickly dress their hair with strong frequent to-and-fro strokes. The result- rough-damaged hair and more hair fall.

On the other hand, swiping your regular comb with a neem wood comb may provide you with incredible hair care benefits. Here, we will explore how metal or plastic combs can damage your hair follicles and the best reasons you must include a pure neem wood hair comb in your hair care regimen. Let’s begin!

Best Reasons To Use Neem Wood Comb

The neem wood comb is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic and metal combs and also offers a plethora of hair care benefits. Here are a few of them.

1. Hair Growth

Are you fed up with trying every hair fall control product yet not getting the desired results? Well, one of the potential causes of your massive hair fall is the comb you are using to brush your hair. Plastic and metal combs produce a static negative charge in your hair strands with each stroke, which leads to hair breakage, frizz, and roughness. That’s why many beauty enthusiasts are now switching to using neem wood comb for hair growth. Wooden combs are known to reduce static charge between the hair strands, prevent breakage, and promote hair growth.

2. Removes Dandruff

Dandruff is a common yet nasty scalp problem that affects most men and women today. While there are many anti-dandruff products available in the market to tame the problem, harsh chemicals in them may leave your hair dehydrated and frizzy. Here, kacchi neem comb can come to your rescue.

Neem is enriched with natural antimicrobial and healing properties. The bioactive compounds in neem comb diligently fight dandruff-causing microbes on the scalp and lower your risk of suffering dandruff on the scalp (1). Also, the antibacterial compounds in neem wood also prevent fungal and bacterial infections on the scalp. If you too are dealing with excessive dandruff on the scalp, switching to Matural handmade neem wood anti-dandruff comb may help you get rid of the nasty problem.

3. Shiny & Fresh Hair

Your hair follicles naturally produce essential sebum to keep the scalp hydrated. However, excess production of sebum can build up on the scalp and clog your hair follicles. While plastic and metal combs may not effectively remove the excess sebum, neem wood combs prevent oil or sebum build-up on the scalp by spreading the natural oils evenly on the scalp, thus lowering the chances of sebum build-up on the scalp and clogged hair follicles. In this way, using a kacchi neem comb may help prevent hair fall and keep your hair shiny and fresh.

4. Untangles Hair

Curly and frizzy hair tangles more and is difficult to comb due to the pulling and pain it brings along. Regular combs made with plastic or metal generally have thin teeth which leads to more pulling and hair breakage. Matural Organic Neem Comb comes with wide teeth for minimal traction to your hair and less hair breakage during combing.

5. Is Gentle On The Scalp

Low-quality and plastic hair combs generally come with pointed, harsh, and tough tips which may cause scratches and rashes on the scalp while combing. Wooden combs are said to be more gentle on the scalp as the tip of most wide-toothed combs are designed to be smooth, soft, and fine.

Brushing your hair with a wide-toothed wooden neem comb may massage your scalp and improve blood flow in the scalp. An increase in the blood flow in the scalp may also provide much-needed nutrition to the hair follicles and may instigate quick hair growth. Besides, the soothing feeling you get by rubbing the smooth toothed wooden comb with round edges on your scalp may calm your mind and relieve stress.

Who Can Use Neem Wood Comb?

Neem wood comb is suitable for all hair types and can be used by both men and women. Whether you have fine-smooth hair, wavy, curly, or dry hair, wooden combs are a must-have in your vanity. Many people notice a great difference in hair fall before and after using a wooden comb, especially one that is made using authentic neem wood.

What Should I Look For While Buying A Neem Wood Comb?

While buying a neem comb, you must check the label to ensure that it is made up of authentic neem wood for the best hair care benefits. Reputed brands sell like Matural sell their neem comb priced genuinely on several online shopping portals to provide an easy shopping experience to their customers.



Most men and women today use plastic or metal combs to brush their hair. These combs create a negative static charge between the hair strands while combing and increase the chances of hair breakage, frizz, and roughness in the hair. Nowadays, many hair care experts suggest using a wide-toothed, neem wood comb to prevent hair damage.

Neem wood combs come with wide teeth and round edges which makes them gentle for the scalp and offers several hair benefits such as hair fall control, frizz, dandruff control, and quick hair growth.

If you too are suffering rough, dry hair and massive hair fall despite using several hair care products, it’s probably the time to switch to a neem wood comb and get ready to experience the difference.


Q1: Where can I buy the best neem wood comb at a reasonable price?

You can buy the Matural neem wood comb at the best price online.

Q2: Can I use a wood comb on curly hair?

High-quality wooden combs are generally sturdy and can be easily used on curly and frizzy hair.

Q3: Can I use wood comb on children’s hair?

Yes. You can use a neem wood comb on a kid’s hair. The wide-toothed neem comb evenly distributes the natural oil all over the scalp, thus keeping your kid's hair fresh and shiny.

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