Achieving a complete head-to-toe grooming routine for men doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it only takes a handful of key essentials to elevate your grooming game. Look no further as we present to you our carefully curated selection of men's grooming essentials, the best grooming kit for men.

From head-turning hairstyles to impeccable skincare, we've got you covered. Don't settle for anything less than the best – explore our collection of men's grooming essentials now. Discover the ultimate form of self-care with Matural.

While self-care encompasses various aspects, we believe in the power of personal care, particularly when it comes to nurturing your skin and hair. The impact of looking good goes beyond surface-level confidence, extending to a profound sense of well-being for both men and women. That's why, at Matural, we have curated an exquisite range of products dedicated to enhancing the health of your skin and hair from head to toe, including exclusive grooming products for men.

Now, let us introduce you to the 13 essential Matural products that every man needs. From indispensable skincare staples like moisturizers to invigorating soap bars and hair care solutions that guarantee a flawlessly slicked-back look, our carefully selected collection caters to all your grooming requirements.

Moreover, we will provide you with invaluable tips on seamlessly incorporating these Men's Grooming Essentials into your daily grooming routine. Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Matural's finest men's grooming kits that are simply irresistible. Don't miss out on these must-haves - read on and elevate your self-care game with Matural today.

Face and Skin

Achieving a clean and fresh face is an essential part of men's grooming. It's not about wearing makeup, but rather maintaining healthy skin that looks and feels clean. We present to you our carefully curated selection of the best grooming products for men specifically designed to keep your face clean and fresh. From handmade soap bars to face washes, Matural offers natural and effective solutions to elevate your grooming routine.

1. Handmade Soap Bars

Handmade Soap BarsMatural Handmade Soap for Men

Matural's All Natural Handmade Bar Soap for Men are your gateway to an elevated shower experience. Handcrafted using the cold process method and infused with natural ingredients, this exfoliating soap is specifically designed to meet men's grooming needs.

With its invigorating scent and gentle yet effective formula, it effectively removes dirt and oil, leaving your skin refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the day with confidence. Enhance your grooming routine and make a powerful statement with the "Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap", one of our top men's grooming essentials.


1. Elevated Shower Experience: This soap isn't your run-of-the-mill bar. It's designed to transform your daily shower into an experience of pure luxury.

2. Handcrafted Quality: Each bar is handmade using the cold process method. This ensures that every soap you use has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

3. Natural Ingredients: Infused with all-natural ingredients, Matural's Bar Soap offers a healthy and sustainable choice for skin care, free from harmful chemicals.

4. Exfoliation: The soap is specifically formulated to exfoliate your skin, removing dead cells and promoting a healthier, smoother skin surface.

5. Designed for Men: This soap is tailored to meet men's grooming needs, with a formula that's tough on dirt and oil, yet gentle on skin.

    2. Face Washes

    Matural's Perfectly Blended Tea Face Wash

      Matural Perfectly Blended Tea Face Wash

     Matural's Perfectly Blended Tea Face Wash is a vital component of our men's grooming essentials. It is the perfect choice for individuals with oily, acne-prone skin. Its unique blend of antibacterial ingredients, including Tea Tree and Green Tea, effectively unclogs pores, reduces excess oil, and combats acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

    Experience the healing and soothing properties that reduce redness caused by acne, promoting a healthier complexion. Elevate your skincare routine with Matural's Perfectly Blended Tea Face Wash and embrace clearer, rejuvenated skin.


    1. Ideal for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin: Matural's Perfectly Blended Tea Face Wash is specially designed for individuals dealing with oily, acne-prone skin. Its unique formulation works to effectively manage excess oil production.

    2. Antibacterial Ingredients: Enriched with antibacterial ingredients like Tea Tree and Green Tea, this face wash actively fights acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, preventing skin breakouts.

    3. Effective Pore Unclogging: It offers excellent pore-unclogging properties, reducing the chances of acne and blemishes and promoting cleaner, healthier skin.

    3. Reduces Excess Oil: Matural's Perfectly Blended Tea Face Wash is effective in reducing excess oil on the skin, preventing the greasy look and feel often associated with oily skin types.

    4. Soothes Acne-Induced Redness: The face wash is designed with healing and soothing properties that work to reduce redness caused by acne, promoting a healthier complexion.

    Matural's Freshly Cut Aloe Face Wash

     Matural Freshly Cut Aloe Face Wash

    Matural's Freshly Cut Aloe Face Wash is the perfect choice for achieving clear and healthy skin. Its gentle cleansing action effectively clears away daily dirt and grime while preserving the natural moisture balance of your skin. Experience the repairing and soothing effects as it helps to repair dry, parched skin and provides anti-inflammatory relief.

    With regular use, you can enjoy improved skin texture, resulting in a more youthful and soft appearance. Rest assured, this aloe vera face wash, part of our men's grooming essentials collection, is free from harmful parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils, ensuring your skin remains free from environmental toxins. Embrace the daily use of Matural's Freshly Cut Aloe Face Wash for clear, fresh, and supple skin.

    Hair Care

    Dandruff, hair thinning, rough hair, and other hair problems are real; so let’s get real about hair care.

    1. Matural Hair Growth Oil

    Matural OilMatural Hair Oil

    Matural's Hair Growth Oil is a must-have product for anyone seeking to enhance their hair care routine. Its unique formula, enriched with nutrients, strengthens and thickens your hair while nourishing your scalp and hair follicles. By effectively calming dandruff and alleviating scalp itchiness, it offers a comprehensive solution for hair and scalp health. Don't wait any longer—experience the transformational power of Matural's Hair Growth Oil and say goodbye to dull, dry, frizzy, and brittle hair. 

    2. Matural Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

    Matural ShampooMatural Hair Shampoo

    The biggest shortcoming of your typical cheap shampoo is that it’s loaded with parabens and sulfates which wreak havoc on your scalp and overall hair health. Fortunately, Matural makes a bonafide, all-natural shampoo that will clean, balance, and strengthen your luscious locks. It’s a no sudd shampoo , so you know the ingredients are all-natural, with inclusions like pea sprout extract, Biotin & Jojoba oil. To top things off, every bottle is made of 100% recycled materials, so it’s as sustainable as it is effective.


    1. Avoid Cheap Shampoos with Harsh Chemicals: Beware of the common culprits in cheap shampoos – parabens and sulfates. These harsh chemicals can damage your scalp and compromise hair health.

    2. Consider All-Natural Shampoos: Switch to all-natural shampoos like those from Matural for a healthier hair care routine. Natural ingredients can help to clean, balance, and strengthen your hair without the negative effects of synthetic additives.

    3. Look for No-Suds Shampoos: Shampoos that don't produce suds, like Matural's products, often indicate the absence of sulfates, which can strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it dry and brittle.

    4. Check for Beneficial Ingredients: Some ingredients to look for in a natural shampoo include pea sprout extract, Biotin, and Jojoba oil. These natural ingredients can provide essential nutrients and moisturize your hair.

    5. Think About Sustainability: Consider the packaging of your hair products as well. Brands like Matural, which use 100% recycled materials for their packaging, are not only good for your hair, but also for the environment.

    2. Matural Anti Hair Fall Conditioner

    Matural ConditionerMatural Hair Conditioner

    Our exceptional conditioner is the ultimate solution for men seeking strong, healthy, and effortlessly manageable hair. With its natural ingredients, it deeply moisturizes and nourishes your hair and scalp, resulting in a revitalized look and feel.

    Designed to repair damaged and dry hair, it offers unparalleled hydration and transforms your locks. Its light and creamy texture effortlessly detangles and smooths, making it a delight to use. Suitable for all hair types, this conditioner from our men's grooming essentials ensures a safe and gentle experience. Elevate your hair care routine today and unlock the true potential of your hair.

     4. Matural Hair Growth Serum

    Matural Serum

    Matural Hair Serum

    Last but not least on your list of men grooming must-haves is Matural's Hair Growth Serum is the perfect daily hair serum for individuals seeking to protect, strengthen, and add shine to their hair.

    With its unique non-sticky formulation, fortified with Biotin and Anagain, this serum brings your hair to life, making it stronger and more resilient while effectively safeguarding it from damage. Embrace the journey to healthier hair and say hello to revitalized locks with Matural's Hair Growth Serum.


    Don't miss out on these must-have grooming for men. Elevate your self-care game with Matural's finest collection of skin care and hair care grooming kit for men. Explore our range of natural and effective products, and experience the transformation they bring to your grooming routine.

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