BOGO Matural Hair Growth Oil For Men

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It should help in hair regrowth & hair fall control since castor & sesame as both of these ingredients have that properties. If you want more assured results on hair regrowth, we advise you to use “Matural hair growth kit"

We suggest oiling at least twice a week, ideally a night before you plan to wash your hair. If leaving oil on overnight isn't possible, you can oil your hair an hour before you bathe and wrap your head with a hot towel

It can help control hair fall. While there is no magic solution for hair loss, this booster can certainly help support healthy hair growth and reduce the likelihood of excess shedding. You may notice

Customer Reviews

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Good Product, But Could Use a Perfume-Free Option

I did notice a slight discrepancy regarding the ingredients listed for the Hair Shampoo on the website compared to what's actually included in the product. While the website mentions natural ingredients, I found additional components listed on the package's backside sticker, including Tocopherol acetate, Butylated Hydroxy Toluene and perfume.

As someone who prefers natural and fragrance-free products, I was a bit disappointed to find perfume listed as an ingredient. While I understand that some may enjoy a scented product, I believe offering a perfume-free option for the hair growth oil would cater to a broader range of customers and align better with Matural's commitment to natural ingredients.

Overall, I'm pleased with the quality of Matural's products and the results they've delivered. However, I hope the company considers introducing a perfume-free version of the higher growth oil in the future to accommodate customers like myself who prioritize fragrance-free options.

Kailash Mann


Akram Murad
Highly Recommended

I'm on my fourth bottle of this hair oil, and I love it! My hair feels super healthy every time I use it, and it smells really good too. I highly recommend this hair oil!

Yogesh Datt
Must Buy

This product is incredible! In just 15 days of use, the results are evident—my hair fall has noticeably decreased.

Ranjit Narayan
Mind-blowing purchase

perfect hair growing oil👍👍👍

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